Project John

This work is a stage design for the theatre performance Project John directed by Fransje Christiaans and Anoek Nuyens.

The performance Project John is based on the ideas of the provocative philosopher John Gray. Gray sees faith in progress as the fundamental error of our age. He describes it as naïve and calls out for more realism. After reading his work, people are wondering why they should get out of bed every morning when there is no hope or idealism left. The answer Gray gives on this remark is: “Well then don’t.”

The main character in Project John repeatedly asks himself this question, but it turns out that he can’t get out of bed. He comes up with all kinds of ideas to start his day, but every time he fails. Until, all of a sudden, his arm accidentally falls on his alarm clock, a bucket filled with water flows over his bed and a teenager appears in front of his face with a controllable race car. The performance shows what is needed to get this man out of bed.