The fluidity of gender

The fluidity of gender
17/05/2016 fransje@dmin
Fluidity on gender is an experiment I did about genderdysphoria:
Gender dysphoria or gender identity disorder (GID) is the dysphoria (distress) a person experiences as a result of the sex and gender they were assigned at birth.
In this experiment I wrote about 3 people: Sam, Dianne and Ank. Sam, a feminine heterosexual man going on a date with Dianne who is a masculine heterosexual woman. Ank is a person who is neither of them being born a woman but feeling more as a man. She experiences genderdysphoria; in distress about who she is and therefore being in between genders. I created two rooms. One room was meant for the spectator to dress Sam and Dianne going on a date, to their work and to another date together. In the other room the spectator had to dress Ank. Within 5 minutes a group of spectators had to fulfill the task of dressing all three of them in different situations. The clothes were a mixture of all kinds; shoes, shirts, dresses, heels, unisex.
The most interesting part of the experiment were the spectators themselves- their reactions to the writing, the persons and the influences of their own cultural background concerning gender.


I wanted to address the fluidity of gender which has become more and more apparent in our society nowadays. The anxiety which is created by the ambiguity of these people is strange to me in times when everything is uncertain. Again, the tension this fluidity expresses is very interesting to me. 


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