The space in between

The space in between
20/11/2015 fransje@dmin

How to create tension in an object or a space?

This work is called ‘the space in between’ due to the importance of the space between the needle and the balloon. It is exactly this space that creates tension.
When the balloon is about to hit the needle the tension is at its highest level even though we know what will happen. Yet the balloon will never hit the needle because I have calculated the space in between to never reach each other. When the balloon is fully blown it is about 1 cm away from the needle.
The pump is available for spectators to try out and blow up the balloon. They create their own tension in combination with the objects.


This performative mini installation of a balloon & needle is the first project I made during the Master of Scenography. It was part of a two week workshop called ‘staging the studio’ where the students were asked to create their own ‘studio’ or idea of their working process.
I need tension – either in a space, narrative or object- in order to create. Tension, for me, makes the work interesting.



space in between