Doom scenarios

Doom scenarios
10/05/2016 fransje@dmin


Doomscenario’s is a series of maquettes which I have made after asking myself the question what the world would look and feel like if our current state of being ‘living in a state of uncertainty defined by an intangible danger surrounding us on a day to day basis” would be visualized.
The maquettes are displaying an apocalyptic feeling of solitary, the absurdity & uselessness of human life and our fear of the other when the possibility of violence is around.
The last maquette is a maquette for a performance called 4; a random group of spectators is put together in a small reflective room where the only object representative is a gun. When the clock starts running, counting down from 4 hours, the group is free to do whatever they like but there is no exit. They all wear headphones which extracts the sounds from outside. Whether the gun is loaded or not is unknown to them.  Whether something will happen or not is also unknown.