borders of gender

borders of gender
05/06/2016 fransje@dmin
For my new project I am researching the borders of gender through the body.
The body is the shell of identity; it grasps the first phases of forming an identity when we are children. We become aware of our own gender in a very early stage and through the body we seem to understand the necessity of forming an identity.
But what happens if your body is telling you something else than what you see?
In this project I will film different subjects (male and female & transgenders) in various ages to see how the body moves while dancing. How does masculinity moves? How does femininity show itself? When does the body shows neither of them? What are the borders of gender in the movement of the body?
These different videos will be part of a live installation in order to create an embodied experience for the spectator.




rineke dijkstra: krazyhouse

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